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What is Sport Stacking?

Sport stacking is a sport where stackers stack twelve specially made cups called Speed Stacks® in specific patterns at lightning speeds. Sport stacking helps students develop bilateral proficiency; equal performance on both sides of the body.


Benefits of Sport Stacking

1. Improve hand-eye coordination and reaction speed

2. Physical fitness: up to (US) national sports standards

3. Activate left and right brains, improve concentration and reading comprehension

4. Improve coordination skill

5. Promote self-monitoring capabilities

6. Not restricted by venue and no age limit

7. Promote team spirit and enhance cooperation skills

8. Self-esteem
One of the comments we receive consistently from teachers, parents, and school administrators are how sport stacking levels the playing field for their kids. Non-Athletic kids can now compete head to head with their more athletic counterparts. This significantly raises their self-esteem, motivating them to work harder in PE and be excited to participate. 

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